Kaye Grable, Concierge Manager, also an Accomplished Pianist

Penterman Professional Care welcomes our new Concierge Manager, Kaye Grable. Along with her many other talents, Kaye is an accomplished jazz pianist.

“Music is my soul, and everything about who I am. As a 3-year-old child, I began to learn how to play the piano and read music before I knew how to read words. Thankfully, I don’t know life without music. I am thankful to have been blessed with the God-given gift of music and the opportunities to use that gift to serve Him and bless others?”

Kaye accredits her career as a musician to parents who sacrificed much to see that all 4 of their children were given piano lessons, and a piano teacher who invested in us, her teaching expertise and patience, her love for music and the ability to recognize God-given talent in a young kid! “After my older sister practiced her piano lesson, I would crawl upon the bench and by ear, pick out what she had been playing. At that point ‘Mrs. Vesta’ decided to take me in and start working with me to develop my playing by ear first. That was the first of a lifetime of successes as a professional pianist! Having a degree in classical piano coupled with a keen ear, commonly referred to as “perfect pitch” gave me the best of both worlds!”

KG-two-shotThroughout their childhood and teenage years, “The Grable Sisters”, as they were referred to, began to play for events across the state of Missouri separately, and as a duo piano team. “It seems like yesterday that I remember the weekly routine of one of the high school choir members walking across the street from the high school to the grade school, to get me out of my 4th grade class and walk me back across the street to accompany the high school choir. Now that was big stuff to get to go see the popular high school people!” Kaye loves to talk about fond memories of getting the “family band” together in their home; mom playing the accordion, dad or brother on the drums, and she and her sister- one playing the “Lawrence Welk organ”, as she liked to refer to it, and the other on the piano.

“I loved to take requests when playing gigs as a young 21-year-old girl! People always tried to ‘stump me’ with requests for the ‘oldies’, but rarely could! One of my most cherished moments was when playing in the lobby of the beautiful Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. A very distinguished, highly decorated gentleman in military attire walked in and took a seat on one of the couches. As was my habit, when anyone made eye contact with me, (the piano player who was to sit quietly in the corner and be heard and not seen), I winked at the gentleman and began playing ‘God Bless America’, as if to say ‘this one’s for you’! As I ended the song, he got up from his seat and walked up to the piano and put a nice tip in the tip jar and said, ‘no one has ever done that for me, young lady. I will never forget you for that’! What used to be the loneliest seat in the house (the piano bench in a hotel lobby), was now a very cherished spot for me!”

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance, Kaye opened a Yamaha Music School in Little Rock, Arkansas where she has always felt she had the opportunity to “give back” by teaching even 3-yr-olds in a classroom setting, “the Yamaha way”. All the while, she was playing gigs in private dinner clubs, disco bands, jazz trios, and such. From there, doors opened and she went to Dallas to further her career performing professionally. Along the way, her talents paved the way to work with such great artists as The Lennon Sisters, Phyllis Diller, John Gary, Robert Goulet, Ella Fitzgerald, and others. “The Kaye Grable Trio” was quickly known as one of the high society jazz trios in the area. “I didn’t know that much about how to play jazz when I went to Dallas, but I quickly surrounded myself with great musicians in the area, some of whom were in the 1:00 jazz band at North Texas State University. They were (and still are) the ‘cream of the crop’! Although being a ‘chic piano player’ can sometimes work against you in a predominantly man’s world, I was lucky to be the new ‘chic piano player’ in town who was securing long standing contracts in many of the sought after places to play in the city. It is only for that reason that anyone in the 1:00 Jazz band would give me the time of day, and I knew it. Hence, the bass player and drummer became part of the Kaye Grable Trio. I listened and learned every Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, etc. easy listening and jazz tunes there were, all the while feeding off of these guys’ expertise and superb playing skills. Off we went to many years of fun and success.”

Kaye-Grable-and-babyUpon the birth of her daughter in 1986, Kaye decided to “semi retire” from the night life and move back to Missouri/Tennessee area to be closer to family. After arriving in Nashville in 1988, Kaye began playing at Opryland Hotel for events and in the Magnolia lobby, private country clubs, churches and continued teaching lessons, which will always be a life-long love. Most recently, she spent 15 years as a part of the corporate buying team of Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores, with the last few years of buying responsibility being the music program. “It was nice to get back into the music field, although I had never been a big fan of country music prior to Nashville, I can appreciate all styles of music. It was a great experience and introduced me to a whole new level of music appreciation. I have developed some great life-long friendships with many of these musicians who I am thankful became a part of my life.

Said Chris Marion, Keyboard Artist and Arranger with LITTLE RIVER BAND, “Kaye Grable is a superlative pianist, capable of working across a variety of styles and genres of music with ease. She is a consummate professional and entertainer who brings excellence to any production with which she is associated”. Dean Slocum, longtime pianist for CRYSTAL GAYLE comments, “Kaye is a true professional in every sense. Unlike so many other talented musicians who are “specialists” stylistically, Kaye is versatile enough to be equally competent in any genre of music.”

When not traveling, many of her “gigs” across the country were in the very elite private country clubs, thru which she was able to meet and become friends with many notable people. With that, she began to work as a personal assistant to some of the “stars” when not performing, and established a mutual respect to become entrusted with their private lives, bank accounts, homes, children, and everyday needs. It is with that knowledge and experience that she is happy to join with Penterman Professional Care to grow the Concierge Division of the company.

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