3 Ways to Save Time This Holiday Season

It seems like the days go by much faster this time of year, doesn’t it? Perhaps it is because of all the social events that come with the holiday season. Most of us find ourselves wondering where our time has gone, more often, than not!  Here are a few “timesavers” we want to share with you to help you get more out of your days, especially now, when time is precious. Prepare Food Ahead of Time Food prep can be one of the most time-consuming parts of someone’s day, do you agree? Sometimes, the last thing you want to do … Read more

Concierge Services Help Save Time with Your Move

So many people are moving to Nashville these days! Why wouldn’t they, though? Nashville is so “hot” right now, which is why roughly 85 people move to the greater Nashville area per day. Where do they go, you ask? We don’t always know, but we can help these folks move into their new homes. Moving can be extremely stressful and time consuming, taking time out of a person’s day that they don’t always have available. No worries! We are here for you! Are you already a resident of Nashville, but looking for some help in moving? No problem. We got … Read more

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Employees

There are several ways to maximize productivity in the workplace. While you cannot control how productive your employees are, you can control the environment he or she works in.  Here are five ways you can get the most out of your employees in the workplace. 1. Feedback Why not ask your employees for their feedback? A good manager is always open to feedback. Gathering this from your employees before, during and after big changes are made that affect them, shows that you care and value their input. When that employee feedback is implemented, it shows that you listened, which in … Read more

Penterman and BOHAN Team up to Enhance Benefits

Penterman Professional Care joins BOHAN Advertising to enhance their employee benefits program BOHAN Advertising is partnering with Penterman Professional Care to provide additional employee benefits as part of their Employee Assistance Program. “We wanted to create a program to help with work-life balance,” said Shari Day, CEO at BOHAN, an independent shop with 80 employees. “It’s the right thing to do for employees.” The program has been a great success with BOHAN employees, providing everything from taking a car for service to preparing meals and assisting in packing for a move. Sandra Wilson, Manager of Human Resources said “it’s one … Read more

Kaye Grable, Concierge Manager, also an Accomplished Pianist

Penterman Professional Care welcomes our new Concierge Manager, Kaye Grable. Along with her many other talents, Kaye is an accomplished jazz pianist. “Music is my soul, and everything about who I am. As a 3-year-old child, I began to learn how to play the piano and read music before I knew how to read words. Thankfully, I don’t know life without music. I am thankful to have been blessed with the God-given gift of music and the opportunities to use that gift to serve Him and bless others?” Kaye accredits her career as a musician to parents who sacrificed much … Read more

Improving Employee Quality of Work Experience

Improving the quality of work-life balance and the quality of work experience is a big part of recruiting and retaining quality staff. Smart businesses focus on what they need to do to keep employees happy and engaged. To understand the benefits of concierge services for organizations, it is helpful to consider both the employee and employer perspectives. For employees, a concierge can save the day, removing loads of stress that may have been building up for hours or even days. And for an employer, a concierge service shows employees they are valued which increases engagement. Less Stress – Imagine your … Read more