Relocation Services

We can provide added benefits to your relocation services!

b818fa11-cce7-43ee-8912-158b37a3211fFamily relocation, whether to a nearby community or another state, can be difficult. Moving disrupts routine, familiarity and security and often causes stress and anxiety, even after your furniture and boxes are in your new location. New trends in relocation are growing out of economic necessity, as companies find new ways to move their talent while protecting both the employee and the company.

Penterman Professional Care can offer additional benefits to your relocation services. We have over 80 years combined experience in personal care and support services. With over 20 years in the Nashville area, our team has a vast array of knowledge and resources to assist our clients.

Let our team of professionals coordinate with you for the client’s personal relocation needs.

Preparing a home for sale

  • Assist in arranging, coordinating, supervising sub-contractors for home repairs, upgrades
  • Personal Assistant to assist with packing and preparing for the move
  • Coordinate with moving company to alleviate stress on the family

Organizing a home after a move

  • Assist in arranging and coordinating services for the new home
  • Coordinate with Real Estate agent to ensure home is ready to receive its new family
  • Assist with unpacking, disposal of boxes, arranging the new home

Getting to know your Neighborhood

  • Research and prepare a dossier on local attractions, restaurants, shopping in the area
  • Provide childcare or senior assistance services as needed
  • Assist in making contacts with local agencies, programs or service providers as requested

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