Concierge Services

Penterman Concierge Care offers customized personal services to busy professionals, parents and the entire family. We will work with you to find out exactly what your needs are and take care of them with the ultimate professionalism and efficiency.  Our professionals will keep you organized, do your personal shopping, and see to it that your business and personal obligations are met.  We can help you squeeze 36 hours into your 24-hour day.

As a distinctive personal service, we understand that each client is unique.  Our services are customized to accommodate each individual’s needs. Our goal is to establish trusted long-term relationships with our clients through integrity, reliability, competence, responsibility and innovation.

Your Own Assistant – Invaluable and Affordable!

Our clients find the most effective way to use our personal assistant services is to purchase one of the Customized Concierge monthly packages and use it like a bank. We’ll keep track of how you use your investment and email you once a week with your balance. Customize your usage each month to make our services work for you! We’ll be as flexible as you need. We’re At Your Service.

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Whether you are

  • A person who is finding it challenging to organize and maintain your home, make your appointments, or run simple errands.
  • A busy professional who has a demanding job, travels extensively, and cannot take time off to meet the delivery-man and contractor or do your errands.
  • Or a parent overwhelmed with juggling work, school, your children’s activities, keeping up with household demands and finding some personal time.

We will make your life easier.

We provide our customers with a strong customer protection package.  Each of our professionals is insured including:

  • Comprehensive Professional Liability
  • Professional and General Liability
  • Adherence to non-discriminatory Policies and Procedures
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Extensive screen, testing and training
  • License verification if applicable



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