Permanent Nanny Services

Selecting a nanny for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. A nanny provides more than the daily necessities for your child. She has a significant role in your child’s social, emotional and physical development as well as your child’s safety.

The properly matched nanny is the best investment you can make in your child’s future. The individual care a nanny provides  in pre-school years, in the familiar environments of your home is the next best alternative to the presence of loving parents.

Ask us about payroll services to cover you and your nanny for all IRS compliant issues.

Summer & After School Nanny Services

Family Care Connection offers the services of nannies for school age children during summer months. Summer nannies are often school teachers or college education majors who provide age appropriate daily activities that are both educational and fun. They are able to help your children complete summer reading and other school projects.

Newborn Specialist Services

Commonly known as a “Baby Nurse”, Newborn Specialists are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of newborn baby care and parental education and support. Whether you need a lactation consultant, a sleep schedule specialist, an expert in care of multiples, or just an extra set of hands, Family Care Connection can provide a Newborn Specialist that meets your needs.

The primary role of the Newborn Specialist is to provide assistance during post-delivery recovery period and assist you with all aspects of newborn care including feeding, changing, bathing, infant laundry, sterilizing bottles and helping parents catch up on much needed rest.

Most Newborn Specialist work eight to twelve hour shifts, day or night. We have specialists that work two to four hour shifts. All Newborn Specialists are required to meet our full background check and caregiver requirements.

Temporary Nanny Services

Beyond making the basic provisions for your child’s daily care, a nanny plays a significant, lasting role in all realms of your child’s development; socialization, emotional learning as well as physical safety and well-being are just some examples of the areas of influence of this most important person in your child’s life.

Dollar-for-dollar, the right nanny is the best investment you can make in your child’s future. Especially in the pre-school years, a qualified competent nanny is perfectly suited to provide your child with hands-on attention and stimulation most optimum for your growing child’s development and success. The individual care a nanny provides in the safe, comfortable and familiar environment of your home is truly “the next best thing” to a loving parent.

Our temporary nannies can be used a little or a lot. They can work a set schedule for you a couple of days a week or just for special events. We have nannies that can spend the night or the week, they can also go on vacation with you. If you need daycare backup or emergency service we have an after hours staff that can find someone for you in a couple of hours. When you sign up for our temporary service you have access to childcare 24/7/365.

Temporary Hotel Sitter Services

Nanny Sitter Solutions

Family Care Connection believes that in our complex, modern and mobile society, the need for care and compassion is more important than ever. When you are out of town your hotel becomes home to you and your loved ones. Our caregivers are experienced in providing in-room activities for children, which can help make their stay more enjoyable and will even take them to local attractions and eateries at your direction. Just tell us what your needs are and let us do the rest.

Group Care Services

If your event, church, organization or facility is in need of group child care Family Care Connection is the service for you.  We can provide one or multiple caregivers to watch any size group of children to make certain they are safe, active, fed and happy.  Our ratio for Group Care is 5 children to 1 caregiver to ensure all the children have the attention they need.  We also provide age appropriate activities, toys and games to occupy their time and keep them active.  This allows parents to enjoy their meeting, conference or activity with the confidence their children are well cared for.

Back-up Day Care Staffing

Family Care Connection provides temporary staffing to Day Care Centers who are in need of help.  We can help ensure you are compliant with State Day Care Regulations by maintaining the correct child to caregiver ratio.  If someone is out sick or on vacation, or the Day Care just needs some additional help, Choice Child Care can provide the right person to assist.