Family Care Connection’s goal is to provide carefully, selected individuals with a broad range of services for infants and children in your home. They are called “Caregivers” because they are actively seeking to provide the finest possible assistance for your family on a temporary, permanent, part time, full time, live-in or live-out basis. You will feel comfortable and confident as you trust these respected “Caregivers” with your precious family.  Quality nannies and “Caregivers” are in CONSTANT demand and LOW supply in the Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Murfreesboro area, including full-time, part-time, and on-call! We believe the best place to provide services is in our client’s homes.

Family Care Connection is the Greater Nashville / Middle Tennessee area’s largest, oldest, and most experienced in-home referral and full-service nanny placement agency. We cover AT LEAST a 50-mile radius of Nashville for most services.

Many families have grown weary of their children being in daycare, catching every childhood disease that is currently making the rounds, being just one of the mob of kids who doesn’t receive the individual care they need, etc., etc. Many child psychologists are beginning to express grave concerns about the current phenomena of young children basically learning from other young children and not having the close adult supervision that so often is preferred for a child’s development.  Many have chosen instead to have their children receive loving, individualized assistance in the safety and security of their own homes which proves to be far less stressful on the children and parents.

Our temporary division makes over 20,000 referrals a year to families throughout the area, so we take your schedule and match it with client needs, to try to keep you “as busy as you want to be!”

Family Care Connection is a member of the International Nanny Association, Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies, Chamber of Commerce (Brentwood and Nashville), and Better Business Bureau.

Every Permanent and Temporary Nanny meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Twenty-one years old
  • Previous childcare experience
  • Background checks for criminal felony, sex offenders and driving history
  • Must have their own transportation with valid driver’s license and proper insurance
  • Complete our sixteen page application and interview with staff
  • Have six verifiable work references, three personal and three business
  • Complete our orientation class and test, which covers first aid, child safety and HIPPA privacy laws


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