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    Fun and Engaging Activities to do with your Children during the Upcoming Holiday Season

Fun and Engaging Activities to do with your Children during the Upcoming Holiday Season


Children love doing crafts of all kinds. The activity can be as easy or as hard as you make it. It is great to provide the children the opportunity to learn new skills needed to successfully complete the activity! Allowing them to do most of the work will help build their confidence and give them a great feeling of accomplishment.  It is always a joy to see the excitement and pride they have on their face when they have finished!

Making scarecrow puppets out of paper bags is a big hit with young children.   They also love making a turkey by tracing the child’s hand on paper, then coloring it.

Having a “family tradition” provides a great memory for all of us as we grow older. A great tradition to start with your children for Thanksgiving is to allow them to help make the dessert for all the children attending dinner. It can be as simple as making cookies and putting candy on top, to making/decorating cupcakes. Holiday themed cookies, such as turkeys for Thanksgiving, are always a big hit. It is always fun to write a name each turkey so that when the children select the one they want, they can make their choice by their favorite name. See some great kid-friendly holiday cookie recipes your kids can help make.

Christmas and Hanukkah:

Many families set out Christmas cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. You can use this opportunity to talk about how it would be good to leave Santa a healthy treat, in addition to the cookies. We all want Santa to have enough energy for his long trip, right? What a great time to talk about the difference in snack food/healthy food choices! [...]

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    Kaye Grable, Concierge Manager, also an Accomplished Pianist

Kaye Grable, Concierge Manager, also an Accomplished Pianist

Penterman Professional Care welcomes our new Concierge Manager, Kaye Grable. Along with her many other talents, Kaye is an accomplished jazz pianist.

“Music is my soul, and everything about who I am. As a 3-year-old child, I began to learn how to play the piano and read music before I knew how to read words. Thankfully, I don’t know life without music. I am thankful to have been blessed with the God-given gift of music and the opportunities to use that gift to serve Him and bless others?”

Kaye accredits her career as a musician to parents who sacrificed much to see that all 4 of their children were given piano lessons, and a piano teacher who invested in us, her teaching expertise and patience, her love for music and the ability to recognize God-given talent in a young kid! “After my older sister practiced her piano lesson, I would crawl upon the bench and by ear, pick out what she had been playing. At that point ‘Mrs. Vesta’ decided to take me in and start working with me to develop my playing by ear first. That was the first of a lifetime of successes as a professional pianist! Having a degree in classical piano coupled with a keen ear, commonly referred to as “perfect pitch” gave me the best of both worlds!”

Throughout their childhood and teenage years, “The Grable Sisters”, as they were referred to, began to play for events across the state of Missouri separately, and as a duo piano team. “It seems like yesterday that I remember the weekly routine of one of the high school choir members walking across the street from the high school to the grade school, to get me [...]

Improving Employee Quality of Work Experience

Improving the quality of work-life balance and the quality of work experience is a big part of recruiting and retaining quality staff. Smart businesses focus on what they need to do to keep employees happy and engaged.

To understand the benefits of concierge services for organizations, it is helpful to consider both the employee and employer perspectives. For employees, a concierge can save the day, removing loads of stress that may have been building up for hours or even days. And for an employer, a concierge service shows employees they are valued which increases engagement.

Less Stress – Imagine your employees have a notepad with a list of five personal tasks to complete this week on top of a detailed project at work. The mounting pressure from needing to complete all of the to-do’s can really take a toll on them mentally. If a few tasks, such as picking up dry cleaning and getting an oil change, could be completed by a concierge, an instant weight would be lifted off of their shoulders. Instead of stressing over errands they don’t have time to complete, employees have peace of mind and newfound time.

More Time – Less stress is a great benefit on its own, but a concierge service also saves an employee time. Instead of spending time during lunch, after work or on the weekends running errands, a concierge service allows employees to take a break and have more time to focus on what matters to them.

Employees are More Productive and Focused – So that employee who had the list of five tasks and a major project at work to complete? A concierge service is designed to complete personal to-do lists so that employees like the one [...]

Why are senior citizens often the target of fraud schemes?

It is often surprising the number and variety of new schemes created to trick senior citizens out of their money.   Why are seniors so often the target? Senior citizens are most likely to have a “nest egg,” to own their home, and/or to have excellent credit-all of which make them attractive to con artists. People who grew up in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s were generally raised to be polite and trusting. Con artists exploit these traits, knowing that it is difficult or impossible for these individuals to say “no” or just hang up the telephone.  Learn More

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    Managing Your Support Networks – Getting help when you need it

Managing Your Support Networks – Getting help when you need it

When under intense stress, it is very natural to withdraw from the world and concentrate exclusively on solving the problem that is causing the stress. Sometimes this is a useful and appropriate reaction.

Often, it is not. This is particularly the case as the projects you take on get bigger and bigger: One person working on his or her own simply cannot achieve tasks beyond a certain size. Similarly, many stressful situations cannot be resolved without the help of other people.

We all have networks of people who can help us solve problems. This network extends professionally and socially, as well as including our family and independent services.

Within your organization, your professional networks include relations with your boss, mentors within the organization, colleagues, your team, previous colleagues and organizational support services. Outside your organization, they can include professional service providers such as Penterman Professional Care, contacts, clients, professional organizations, trades unions, trades associations and many others.

Your social networks obviously include your friends, clubs and social organizations. Your close and extended family is obviously important.

Finally, there is a raft of state and independent organizations whose purpose may be to help you solve the problems you are facing.

All these people can give help and support in a wide variety of ways, including:

Physical assistance: This can be financial or direct personal help, or provision of useful resources to better manage your time and prioritize your responsibilities.
Political assistance: Other people can use their influence and personal networks on your behalf to help with the situation, for example, by persuading other people to move deadlines, change what they are doing or help directly.
Information: People may have information that helps in the situation or solves the problem, or may have [...]

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