Rhonda Bingham

Director of Family Care Connection & CPA

IMG_8490Rhonda joined the Penterman Professional Care staff in June 2014 with PPC’s acquisition of Family Care Connection.  For the past 8 years Rhonda has been the President of Family Services Group, LLC d/b/a Family Care Connection.  Family Care Connection is widely known as the foremost child care service in the Nashville area.  She manages the company operations, personally overseeing client relations.  Rhonda is an experienced CPA.  She held the position of Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Finance with The Potomac Group.. Rhonda is dedicated to the Nashville community. She has been on the Nashville Junior Chamber of Commerce, is a board member of Buddies of Nashville and has 20 years of service with the Junior Chamber of Commerce. An avid basketball player and general sports fan, she has been both a basketball and soccer coach. We are delighted that Rhonda will be brings her extensive business acumen, dedication to service and remarkable work ethic to the Penterman Professional Care Management Group.